Avoid Tolls, Discover Toll Free routes

Avoid Tolls, Discover Toll Free routes

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Toll Free Route is in blue color. Fastest route (Toll route) is in red color. Zoom the map to see the differences in path. If there is no alternate toll free route available, fastest route is shown.
Toll Free Route:
Distance =
Driving Time =
Toll Route:
Distance =
Driving Time =
Difference in Routes:
Extra Distance =
Extra Drive Time = helps in finding toll free routes to travel anywhere. You can find both routes (toll free, and fastest route with posible toll) and decide which is the best suited for your outstation road trip and vacation! check Toll Free routes to drive and Compare the toll free route with fastest route. Save on toll charges/cost by avoiding toll roads.

Google Maps does not allow you to draw toll free routes over the toll routes. We have implemented this feature to help commuters get quick glance over both the routes. You can compare and find the extra distance and time you need to drive in order to save on exorbitant toll costs across the world.

By clicking on "Show Route Differences" you can find the extra distance and time you need to travel in order to avoid the toll route. If the extra distance required is substantial it is better to stick to toll route (drawn in red).

By clicking on "Show both Routes" you can see the both routes "toll" and "toll free" drawn over the same map in blue and red colors. By zooming the map you can find the divergence in the route.

Popular Toll free Routes:
Aiken,USA to Boston,USA
Akron,USA to Oroville,USA
Alexandria,USA to Orleans,USA
Alhagsvägen,Sverige to Ängelholm,Sverige
Allentown,USA to Boston,USA
Allentown,USA to Pittsburgh,USA
Amsterdam,Netherlands to Berlin,Germany
Amsterdam,Netherlands to Hamburg,Germany
Amsterdam,Netherlands to Munich,Germany
Amsterdam,Netherlands to Prague,Czechia
Athol,USA to Havelock,USA
Austin,United States to Seguin,United States
Aztec,USA to Cleveland,USA
Baltimore,USA to Boston,USA
Baltimore,USA to Bronx,USA
Baltimore,USA to Brooklyn,USA
Baltimore,USA to Chicago,USA
Baltimore,United States to Nyc,United States
Baltimore,USA to Philadelphia,USA
Baltimore,USA to Princeton,USA
Barcelona,Spain to Calais,France
Beltsville,USA to Brockton,USA
Bethlehem,USA to Chicago,USA
Bogotá,Colombia to Cali,Colombia
Bogotá,Colombia to Cartago,Colombia
Bogotá,Colombia to Medellín,Colombia
Bogotá,Colombia to Neiva,Colombia
Boksburg,South Africa to Lydenburg,South Africa
Boone,USA to Oregon,USA
Boston,United States to Albany,United States
Boston,United States to Baltimore,United States
Boston,USA to Binghamton,USA
Boston,United States to Brunswick,United States
Boston,United States to California,United States
Boston,United States to Chicago,United States
Boston,United States to Cincinnati,United States
Boston,United States to Detroit,United States
Boston,USA to Florida,USA
Boston,United States to Hamilton,United States
Boston,United States to Indianapolis,United States
Boston,USA to Montreal,Canada
Boston,United States to Philadelphia,United States
Boston,United States to Pittsburgh,United States
Boston,United States to Portland,United States
Boston,United States to Providence,United States
Boston,United States to Richmond,United States
Boston,United States to Springfield,United States
Boston,United States to Stamford,United States
Boston,USA to Washington,USA
Boston,USA to Washington,USA
Boston,United States to Worcester,United States
Bridgeport,USA to Astoria,NY
Brooklyn,USA to Nj,USA
Brooklyn,USA to Syracuse,USA
Calais,France to Biarritz,France
Calais,France to Brühl,Germany
Calais,France to Béziers,France
Calais,France to Montpellier,France
Calais,France to Ribeauvillé,France
Canberra,Australia to Kingsford,Australia
Caracas,Venezuela to Maiquetía,Venezuela
Caracas,Venezuela to Maturín,Venezuela
Caracas,Venezuela to Tucupido,Venezuela
Caraguatatuba,Brasilien to Itamonte,Brasilien
Carlisle,USA to Toledo,USA
Chantilly,USA to Philadelphia,USA
Cheyenne,USA to Dallas,USA
Chicago,USA to Cleveland,USA
Chicago,United States to Denver,United States
Chicago,United States to Louisville,United States
Chicago,USA to Madison,USA
Chicago,United States to Minneapolis,United States
Chicago,United States to Nyc,United States
Chicago,United States to Rochester,United States
Cleveland,United States to Baltimore,United States
Cleveland,USA to Chicago,USA
Columbus,USA to Concord,USA
Columbus,USA to Philadelphia,USA
Copenhagen,Denmark to Málaga,Spain
Dallas,United States to Nashville,United States
Dallas,United States to Amarillo,United States
Dallas,United States to Atlanta,United States
Dallas,USA to Boston,USA
Dallas,United States to Chicago,United States
Dallas,United States to Cincinnati,United States
Dallas,United States to Houston,United States
Dallas,United States to Memphis,United States
Dallas,United States to Minneapolis,United States
Dallas,United States to Phoenix,United States
Delaware,USA to Rockville,USA
Denver,USA to Detroit,USA
Denver,United States to Houston,United States
Detroit,USA to Chicago,USA
Detroit,United States to Nyc,United States
Detroit,USA to Washington,USA
Dubai,United Arab Emirates to Sharjah,United Arab Emirates
Dublin,Ireland to Belfast,UK
Dublin,Ireland to Limerick,Ireland
Dundalk,USA to Nyc,USA
Durban,South Africa to Bloemfontein,South Africa
Durban,South Africa to Johannesburg,South Africa
Durban,South Africa to Pietermaritzburg,South Africa
Durban,South Africa to Potchefstroom,South Africa
Durban,South Africa to Pietermaritzburg,South Africa
Eatontown,USA to Boston,USA
Edon,USA to Pittsburgh,USA
Enfield,USA to Boston,USA
Erie,USA to Washington,USA
Essen,Tyskland to Angoulême,Frankrike
Essen,Tyskland to Málaga,Spanien
Everett,USA to Ashburn,USA
Flint,USA to Chicago,USA
Fujikawaguchiko,Japan to Kobe,Japan
Gainesville,USA to Orlando,USA
Galveston,United States to Brazoria,United States
Galveston,USA to Redmond,USA
Gevgelija,Macedónia (MVJK) to Belgrád,Szerbia
Girona,Spain to Calais,France
Hagerstown,USA to Beachwood,USA
Hartford,USA to Boston,USA
Hartford,USA to Durham,USA
Hershey,USA to Gettysburg,USA
Hershey,USA to Philadelphia,USA
Hillcrest,South Africa to Pietermaritzburg,South Africa
Hoboken,USA to Boston,USA
Houston,United States to Chicago,United States
Houston,United States to Denver,United States
Houston,USA to Galveston,USA
Houston,USA to Magnolia,USA
Houston,United States to Tucson,United States
Indianapolis,USA to Chicago,USA
Johannesburg,South Africa to Durban,South Africa
Johannesburg,South Africa to Nelspruit,South Africa
Kasson,USA to Chicago,USA
Kingsford,Australia to Canberra,Australia
Lakeville,USA to Boston,USA
Lancaster,USA to Pittsburgh,USA
Laredo,United States to Colombia,Mexico
Leesburg,USA to Knoxville,USA
Limoges,Frankrike to Málaga,Spanien
London,United Kingdom to Ipswich,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Birmingham,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Brighton,United Kingdom
London,UK to Brindisi,Italy
London,United Kingdom to Cambridge,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Chelmsford,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Colchester,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Dartford,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Dublin,Ireland
London,United Kingdom to Edinburgh,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Glasgow,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Gloucester,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Ipswich,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Leeds,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Liverpool,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Luton,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Maidstone,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Manchester,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Middlesbrough,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Norwich,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Oxford,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Peterborough,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Plymouth,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Sheffield,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Southampton,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Swansea,United Kingdom
London,United Kingdom to Watford,United Kingdom
Ma,USA to Md,USA
Maastricht,Netherlands to Zürich,Switzerland
Madison,USA to Rockford,USA
Madrid,Spain to Barcelona,Spain
Marblehead,USA to Brookline,USA
Martinsburg,USA to Luray,USA
Mechanicsburg,USA to Bronx,USA
Memphis,United States to Dallas,United States
Memphis,USA to Miami,USA
Miami,United States to Savannah,United States
Miami,USA to Atlanta,USA
Miami,United States to Brunswick,United States
Miami,United States to Chicago,United States
Miami,United States to Columbus,United States
Miami,United States to Florence,United States
Miami,United States to Gainesville,United States
Miami,United States to Jacksonville,United States
Miami,United States to Memphis,United States
Miami,United States to Mobile,United States
Miami,United States to Nashville,United States
Miami,United States to Nyc,United States
Miami,United States to Orlando,United States
Miami,United States to Savannah,United States
Miami,USA to Washington,USA
Middleport,USA to Calgary,Canada
Minneapolis,USA to Chicago,USA
Minneapolis,USA to Pittsburgh,USA
Molinet,France to Dortmund,Germany
Monroeville,USA to Mechanicsburg,USA
Montreal,Canada to Philadelphia,USA
Morgantown,USA to Akron,USA
Morgantown,USA to Cleveland,USA
Nashville,USA to Crestview,USA
Newark,United States to Boston,United States
Newark,USA to Worcester,USA
Newburgh,USA to Manchester,USA
Newport,United States to Montreal,Canada
Nj,USA to Ma,USA
Norsborg,Sverige to Essen,Tyskland
Norsborg,Sverige to Málaga,Spanien
Norwalk,USA to Allentown,USA
Ny,USA to Fl,USA
Nyc,USA to Charlotte,USA
Orlando,United States to Ohio,United States
Orlando,United States to Philadelphia,United States
Paraty,Brazil to Curitiba,Brazil
Paris,France to Antwerp,Belgium
Paris,France to Berlin,Germany
Paris,France to Bonn,Germany
Paris,France to Brussels,Belgium
Paris,France to Budapest,Hungary
Paris,France to Cannes,France
Paris,France to Cologne,Germany
Paris,France to Frankfurt,Germany
Paris,France to Frankfurt,Germany
Paris,France to Geneva,Switzerland
Paris,France to Ghent,Belgium
Paris,France to Lyon,France
Paris,France to Madrid,Spain
Paris,France to Milan,Italy
Paris,France to Nantes,France
Paris,France to Prague,Czechia
Paris,France to Rome,Italy
Paris,France to Stuttgart,Germany
Paris,France to Toulouse,France
Paris,France to Tours,France
Paris,France to Zurich,Switzerland
Paterson,USA to Nyc,USA
Perryville,USA to Auburn,USA
Petersburg,USA to Philadelphia,USA
Philadelphia,USA to Boston,USA
Philadelphia,USA to Bronx,USA
Philadelphia,USA to Cincinnati,USA
Piedmont,ohio to Phoenixville,pa
Pietermaritzburg,South Africa to Durban,South Africa
Pittsburgh,United States to Baltimore,United States
Pittsburgh,USA to Boston,USA
Pittsburgh,USA to Hershey,USA
Pittsburgh,United States to Houston,United States
Pittsburgh,United States to Illinois,United States
Pittsburgh,USA to Minneapolis,USA
Pittsburgh,United States to Philadelphia,United States
Pittsburgh,United States to Washington,United States
Pretoria,South Africa to Durban,South Africa
Pretoria,South Africa to Nelspruit,South Africa
Richmond,USA to Framingham,USA
Rockland,USA to Gatlinburg,USA
Rockville,USA to Morgantown,USA
Rockville,USA to Newark,USA
Rosemont,USA to Omaha,USA
Santos,Brasilien to Manaus,Brasilien
Sarasota,United States to Rollinsford,United States
Sevierville,USA to Branson,USA
Southampton,USA to Crofton,USA
Springfield,USA to Milwaukee,USA
Springfield,USA to Pittsburgh,USA
Stockholm,Sverige to Málaga,Spanien
Sydney,Australia to Newcastle,Australia
Sydney,Australia to Campbelltown,Australia
Sydney,Australia to Canberra,Australia
Sydney,Australia to Gosford,Australia
Sydney,Australia to Newcastle,Australia
Sydney,Australia to Windsor,Australia
Sydney,Australia to Wollongong,Australia
Sydney,Australia to Canberra,Australia
Sydney,Australia to Newcastle,Australia
Texas,United States to Dallas,United States
Thionville,France to Zürich,Switzerland
Toronto,Canada to Winnipeg,Canada
Totowa,Stati Uniti to Boston,Stati Uniti
Tours,France to Munich,Germany
Utica,USA to Delavan,USA
Viena,Austria to Częstochowa,Poland
Viena,Austria to Prague,Czechia
Viena,Austria to Wrocław,Poland
Viena,Austria to Zürich,Switzerland
Warrenton,USA to Columbia,USA
Warrenton,USA to Leesburg,USA
Washington,United States to Atlanta,United States
Washington,United States to Cincinnati,United States
Washington,United States to Cleveland,United States
Washington,United States to Jacksonville,United States
Washington,United States to Miami,United States
Washington,USA to Exton,USA
Waukegan,USA to Indianapolis,USA
Weatherford,USA to Montville,USA
Weatherford,USA to Scranton,USA
Westmont,USA to Minneapolis,USA
Weston,USA to Orlando,USA
Willingboro,USA to Pittsburgh,USA
Zagreb,Croatia to Ljubljana,Slovenia
Zagreb,Croatia to Wrocław,Poland
Zelienople,USA to Malvern,USA
Ängelholm,Sverige to Essen,Tyskland
Ängelholm,Sverige to Málaga,Spanien

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